Evening Learning & Discussion Groups

On Monday evenings, we host a group and discussion programme where the boys can further their religious studies on a 1:1 basis with volunteers. This is followed by a group supper during which various guest speakers lead topical discussions. Thursday nights at our drop-in centre is based around a guest individual or guest organisation, giving the group an opportunity to engage with ‘the outside world’.

Guests include:
• Senior Rabbis
• Businessmen
• Deputy Mayor of London
• Riot Police
• Barnet Borough Commander
• Drugs and alcohol workers and volunteers


Our programme of activities is a vital component in providing a positive outlet for youthful energy. We offer a wide range of weekly activities including 5-a-side football, regular trips to Top Golf as well as other team-building sessions. Activities are supplied as incentives for good work and positive engagement. Our on-site drop-in centre is at the heart of all our activities, being a safe haven where our clients can spend time in a relaxed, non-threatening environment and where they can make use of our facilities which include:

• Pool Tables
• Table Tennis
• PlayStation/XBOX

We also encourage communal volunteering programs including visits to old age homes, hospitals and special needs institutions. We have recently created a new group of professional ‘fun and laughter’ providers, who visit vulnerable groups or individuals to provide cheer to their lives, not unlike the famous and highly successful Medical Clowns.