Since 2009 The Boys Clubhouse has provided a safe and secure haven for teenagers in crisis. It is often the place of last resort.With your help we can give them a second chance in life.

  • We have had close to 200 referrals over the last 12 months.
  • We provide long term support and guidance to close to 100 young men.
  • Over half the boys are victims of domestic or sexual abuse and struggle with drug/alcohol addiction.
  • Last year we provided housing and basic necessities for 52 young men. 
  • We provide a range of essential life skills including educational courses, employment advice and business mentoring.
  • Our in house Business Enterprise Unit has been a springboard for personal growth and individual successes.
  • Covid has placed an extra strain on our resources with more referrals and a 35% increase in support for existing clients. 
Continued restrictions on social gatherings has meant that we have been unable to host our bi-annual fundraising dinner on which we rely as our main source of funding. Covid 19 has placed an additional strain on our resources with a large increase of support needed for existing clients.  Furthermore repeated lockdowns has led to a marked increase in anxiety and has exasperated mental health issues among our youth, leading to an increase in referrals. It is only with your help and the support of your network of friends and family that we can continue to save lives and build futures  To find out more about how you can support this campaign please contact us, email or call 020 8090 5094