Welcome to The Boys ClubHouse

Many children struggle to navigate the often difficult journey from adolescence to productive adulthood. When young adults drop out of school and the education system, they are most likely to start on a downward spiral towards drugs, alcohol dependency and criminality. The Boys Clubhouse is the only Jewish charity dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for disadvantaged and disillusioned young men. The Boys’ Clubhouse is often their last and only hope of support, both emotional and financial. There is no stereotypical Clubhouse client. What links them all is their individual sense of failure. With a non-judgmental approach, the Clubhouse seeks to rebuild their self-esteem by focusing on the latent skills that they each possess. The Clubhouse is a truly cross-communal project, and our mission statement is to do our utmost to assist all Jewish teenage boys in crisis regardless of their background.[/vc_column_text]

What We Do

Many of the teenagers that the Boys Clubhouse deals with have been excluded from school or have dropped-out of education. All too often this is the beginning of a downward spiral to drug and alcohol addiction, sleeping rough, gambling and crime. “Often when a boy seems to deserve care and attention least – they actually need it the most!” At the Boys Clubhouse we provide a range of services to help these teenagers to move forward in their lives:



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